Monday, August 30, 2004

The Autonomy Myth

I recently skimmed through the new book by Fineman The Autonomy Myth. Fineman looks at how America's mythology of independence and autonomy helps to undermine the essential role of care-givers. The author points out that all of us are inherently interdependent, but the current zeitgeist doesn't properly compensate care-givers for their essential contribution to society. I loved the book (the parts I got around to reading, anyway.) I only wish some great thinker would come around and expand the book's fundamental premise into a thorough-going critique on our society. I would argue that people everywhere need to be valued for their contribution to society--no matter how seemingly mundane this contribution may be. We need to replace Bill Gates on the cover of our magazines with the image of a street-sweeper at work or a grandmother reading to a child.

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