Thursday, August 19, 2004

If all vets are liars and I am a vet, then...

According to a recent news article, Thurlow, who recently claimed that Kerry lied about being under fire, received his own citation in this incident for being under fire!

Danke to Stupid Git for pointing this out.


Rob D said...

Do we not see the pattern here?

Kerry runs for president; suddenly veterans says he didn't deserve his medals.

Clinton runs for president; suddenly women everywhere have been sexually abused by him.

Dukakis runs for president; suddenly he's the only governor who ever let a prisoner out on furlough.

The republicans will do anything to win; this began with Nixon and is continuing today (Reagan, to his credit, didn't need such help). So long as the American people allow themselves to be fooled by such lies, it will continue.

Karlo said...

Perhaps people will figure it out in another 50 years.