Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Prince and the Paupers

Prince Harry (Princess Diana's progeny) evidently wore Nazi regalia to a fancy-dress party recently. Harry’s father Prince Charles is said to have been enraged when he heard about it. Personally, I find it ridiculous that anyone cares about the so-called royal families in this day and age. Not that we don't have their less flamboyant equivalents on this side of the Atlantic. Americans are known to chatter about the wives of our aristrocrats--gossipping about what type of queen-elect Barbara will make and what not. In truth, they're all a bunch of Nazis--self-appointed ubermenschen that see us as so much scum to be trodden upon.

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Elin said...

Correct and true. However, as long as the little "son" of Chuckie gets more money and press in one day than many amass in a lifetime, the least he could do is not endorse one of the worst crimes against humanity we have ever seen.
BTW thank you for linking to me!