Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Don't give Dick a hard time, now!

After the latest Cheney shooting debacle, libral leftwing licebags have been leaping forth to lambast and lampoon the poor vice president. Everyone wants to make a big deal of this tiny insignificant mistake, ya know. Heck, there have even been those who see some deep lesson in this--as if they should now make hunting illegal just because some old cogger gets sent to intensive care with some buckshot in'im.

I say lay off the man, give him a break. You've got to look at Cheney's overall hunting score--he's hit the birds more often than his friends, after all. And I think that Cheney, just to show the librals up, should go back to hunting just like he did before. And to make a point, he should bring the president with him. And just to really make a point, he should hunt the way he's always hunted. And if the president gets a few pellets through his hide, hell, it's a small price to pay to preserve the lifestyle of the rich and influential; it's a way to protect his God-given right to meet his buddies at expensive game preserves and hunt freshly-released tame birds.

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