Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So Much for the Blackwater Ban

Democracy in California had the following follow up on the Blackwater debacle:

Surprise, surprise. Four days after pledging to ban Blackwater USA from operating in Iraq, it seems that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki found a dead horse in his bed.

A US embassy spokeswoman said the decision to allow Blackwater to resume work had been taken in consultation with the Iraqi government. [BBC]

Well, I guess that settles that. However, if the Iraqi government does not challenge U.S. claims of immunity in the courts, and if it does not prosecute employees of Blackwater blamed for the killing of Iraqi civilians, as Maliki vowed it would, then it will have failed the ultimate test of sovereignty, leaving no doubt that the so-called "Iraq Coalition Government" is a puppet regime, doing the bidding of the mafia in Washington.

Further complicating matters is a probe by Federal prosecutors investigating whether employees of Blackwater USA illegally smuggled weapons into Iraq that may have been sold on the black market and ended up in the hands of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization.
Wow, smuggling weapons to "the bad guys" for some extra cash. The greed of mercenaries knows no bounds, and that's precisely the reason why it is dangerous for any government to employ them.

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