Friday, April 18, 2008

And why aren't you wearing your flag pin?

This post over at Pygalgia is so good, definitely worth quoting in its entirety:

Are You Wearing Your Flag Pin?

Shame on you if you are not! haha.

Just a short rant, but after watching the ABC debate I am astonished by the extent to which the corporate media will go to ensure that the correct political outcome happens. Flag pins? I notice that the greedy right like Larry Kudlow on CNBC and Fox News pundits are limited to this allegation. "Obama doesnt wear FLAG PINS!" WTF, have we really devolved to this level of retardation with Stalinist flare?

The Weather Underground? Nice! The media dredges up a radical leftist group that it had buried down the memory hole to equate Obama with its aims. Ask anyone under 35 years old and they will have no clue who in the hell the Weather Underground is. Personally I dont think Obama supports blowing up ROTC buildings to stop the Iraq War...but Im sure there are lots of crazy right wing people who believe he does. Sad country this is.I still wonder why no candidate, including Obama, is not focusing on what Sinclair Lewis called the "League of Forgotten Men" in the book "It Cant Happen Here". The League of Forgotten Men are those of the working class who are left behind by global capitalists. In their intractable despair and anger, they become susceptible to political and religious demagogues (Bush/Rove/Robertson/Hagee). These folks, historically, are the driving force that make fascism a possibility. These folks exist in the USA and are a political force, yet they remain hidden, thus they are protected from mass public scrutiny by the establishment. Instead, Obama hints they exist (in a semi private conversation) while Hillary and McCain explicitly pander to them. It is not the case that all poor, rural church goers who have guns are good people. Many of these people have some really strange and dangerous beliefs.

Sorry Hillary. Sorry McCain. Many of these folks serve as the basis of religious right political power and the rise of the GOP from the 80s onward, culminating in our buddy GW Bush.It seems to me that the irrational belief system of fascism should be concentrated upon by public discourse so they can be tested and ridiculed. "The Earth is not 5000 years old". "Bush does not talk to Jesus, that's stupid." "Worshiping your masters means you are a serf and no, freedom does not come through your desire to worship a king, dictator, or any other authoritarian. Thats weak, don't be a eunuch."See, if we made the above public discourse popular we might melt away all this right wing fascist crap because no man who cares about his integrity wants to be the dumb guy that doesn't "get it". Think about all the holy warriors filled with pride in 2003 as we went upon a spree of mass murder in Iraq who are now too ashamed to admit they blindly supported their unitary leader and "Decider".

It might sound mean, but hell, these are crazy times and these folks are a time bomb ready to jail (or worse) your "liberal" ass upon the expressed will of a Godly dictator. Some may think I exaggerate, but I disagree. Research these em, they are nutty nutty nuts nuts and they are numerous. They are waiting for Jesus, but would settle for a fascist dictator and your rights and liberty are in the way of their expectations. They are quite explicit about this.

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